The LEVEL Method
HIIT/Circuit Training Class

This class will introduce participants to proper technique for strength training and stamina building. Get in on the ground floor so we can all raise the bar on the workout!

Resistance weight training and cardiovascular sets join forces to make up to 1,000 calories disappear! The fat and calorie burn will continue for up to another 48 hours after this session ends—and who couldn’t use that? This class is ideal for all comers regardless of your fitness levels. Progressing at your own pace and injury prevention are at the forefront of our programming. The Level Method serves as an introduction to speed, agility and endurance training and also allows the advanced athletes to take their conditioning to peak levels with resistance bands, rowers, and sleds. Competitive athletes will get what they came for: agility, explosiveness and power.

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After Burn

Whether your goal is to be a big-game, big-time performer—or just someone who looks and feels great, this class is a game-changer extraordinaire.

While this class simulates what you might need at the highest levels of athletic competition, it also does wonders for those of us with day jobs as well. The studio may look like a garage sale with treadmills, rowers, striders and suspension trainers strewn about, but trust us when we tell you science is at the core of it all.

The combination of weight training intervals interspersed with cardiovascular bursts and recovery periods will ensure an elevated heart rate throughout.

You’ll feel and feed off the energy of others as you immerse yourself in the special experience with no stone unturned as far as atmosphere. The music and lighting make every session memorable. The increased muscle tone and muscle mass are yours to keep.


Climb on and enjoy a magical ride disguised as a high-intensity cardio workout. Our Cycling Class is ideal for burning fat and sculpting muscle, not to mention its transformative powers—as both the mind and the body experience the tangible and intangible benefits.

You won’t go it alone: your instructor will support you, push you to higher levels and educate you on how to maximize the workout over a continuing series of hills, valleys, intervals and sprints. Members take it all on together, pushing one another to achieve personal bests in a class that will challenge the fittest of the fit, and make believers of those new to the journey.

It’s all choreographed to a playlist guaranteed to keep your adrenaline pumping and your legs moving to the rhythm.

Your instructor rides like the wind, but you’ll have that chance too! You control the resistance on your bike and can increase the intensity of your workout as you improve your cardiovascular levels and your leg strength. Cycling truly is for everyone—so we’ll expect to see you at the next class!


This barbell workout is for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. 

Les Mills SPRINT

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